Friday, February 5, 2010

Why is Obama ignoring trustees on future Medicare costs?

If the traditional experts' facts don't support their economic takeover plans, they change the facts. What about this administration can we believe in except for their deceptive policies and the corruption of our liberties?

Excerpt: Andrew Biggs deconstructs the budgetary assumptions of the Obama budget proposal and finds that the White House has ignored the findings of the Medicare trustees, perhaps the first time an administration has contradicted them. The trustees have found that the aging population of the US creates most of the inflationary pressure on future Medicare costs, a finding that has been corroborated by the Congressional Budget Office as well. However, Obama’s budget presumes that the biggest pressure on health-care costs will be “excess cost growth,” which they claim will be solved by ObamaCare.

By refusing to accept the nonpartisan analysis of the Medicare trustees and of the CBO, the White House has politicized these projections as a means to push Congress into accepting a very ill-considered remedy for an entirely wrong diagnosis.
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