Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Light - Wednesday 2/24/2010

We will be traveling to NJ next week to give my youngest daughter away to a great guy. Was listening to quite a few songs for the father/daughter dance and came up with a couple whose words brought a few tears to my eyes, but my daughter seems to want something a little less "sappy". She gave me a list of possibles she got from the DJ, so back to listening and selecting.

Was again listening to the CPAC speech by George Will and was breaking up. I never knew George had such a great sense of humor.

Hannity tonight is talking with the creators of the movie "Generation Zero". One thing said, that I have believed for a long time, is that we will not survive on a service economy alone. We need a strong manufacturing base to employ the millions of workers that enter the workforce each year. We must lessen the burden on domestic manufacturing by reducing taxes and regulations and allow them to defend themselves against aggressive unionism.

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