Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local SC Pol Changes Parties - Lists the Reasons Why He Is A Republican

I remember when people in Mass. were upset when a bus load of SEIU members showed up. People were afraid that violence was eminent until it was discovered that they were there to support Scott Brown. We can always hope that the tide is turning and that union members can see the harm to their jobs and to the USA that unwarranted demands by the union bosses foster. One of the major reasons our manufacturing base is vanishing is the excessive demands of unions. The question to ask is, do you want a good job with decent wages and benefits or do you want,on paper, great wages and Cadillac benefits, but no job?

If you read this article you will see Sanderson's reasoning behind the change.

Excerpt: Certainly, it has surprised some in our community that as a lifelong Democrat and a member of the United Steelworkers of America for 36 years, I decided to become a Republican.

I’ve talked to the membership in the local, and a good portion of the membership are coming with me, working to help get Republicans elected.

I don’t see a contradiction in my being a union member and a Republican, because the only party out there busting its hump for job creation is the Republican Party.

Why I am a Republican

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