Friday, February 19, 2010

Cutting the airborne laser degrades our superiority

Lack of funding for our space program causing the USA to hitchhike to the space station on Russian, Chinese or even Indian spacecraft, non-funding of the F-22, C-17 and Zumwalt class destroyers and now the airborne laser, which was just successfully tested this week, shows no commitment by the Obama administration to retain our superiority and ability to defend ourselves against future enemies.

Excerpt: The bottom line is simple: No other nation on earth capable of fielding the Airborne Laser, the F-22 and the other advanced weapons on the Obama administration's chopping block would willingly abandon them. That is especially true of those hostile to freedom, which will strive to acquire through purchase, theft and/or their own efforts similar capabilities to those we are giving up. We engage in such unilateral disarmament at our extreme peril - both to the forces who need to be second to none as they fight the nation's wars and to the rest of us whom they thereby seek to safeguard.

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