Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nelson to support filibuster on Becker

Even though Nelson is trying to save his job in Nebraska, his help on this issue is greatly appreciated. Becker's appointment to the NLRB would be disastrous to business in the US.

“Mr. Becker’s previous statements strongly indicate that he would take an aggressive personal agenda to the NLRB, and that he would pursue a personal agenda there, rather than that of the Administration,” said Senator Nelson. “This is of great concern, considering that the Board’s main responsibility is to resolve labor disputes with an even and impartial hand. In addition, the nominee’s statements fly in the face of Nebraska’s Right to Work laws, which have been credited in part with our excellent business climate that has attracted employers and many good jobs to Nebraska. Considering these matters, I will oppose the upcoming cloture motion and the nomination.” Nelson to support filibuster on Becker

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