Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Antony C. Sutton

There are many things about our Federal Government that are couched in secrecy, hidden from the public. One of the largest and most influential is the Federal Reserve system which has come under fire by some in Congress for its part in the banking bailout, money expansion, TARP programs meant to save the US economy. The Fed is a private monopoly created by Congress but beholden to no one. Recent attempts by some Congress members to have the Fed audited have fallen on deaf ears. This article is a review of a book written in 1995 by Sutton, reviewing the history behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the people behind it.

Excerpts: The Fed was created by bankers and their interests in order to create a money monopoly which enriched—and still enriches—an elite few and gives them complete control over the economic growth of the United States.

"The Federal Reserve is a private monopoly of money credit created by Congress under highly questionable circumstances which is beholden to the Chairman of the Board and whose decision cannot be changed by Government or anyone else.

“A free society under the rule of law? The United States has quietly become a hostage to a handful of international bankers. And just dare any Congressman challenge Fed authority!”

Read full review here.

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