Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Light - Sunday 2/28/2010

As usual the tsunami alerts by the news agencies and officials frightened the islands' inhabitants, even though the initial reports showed, that, close to Chile, the waves were only 7 feet high. It turned out that Hawaii received 5 1/2 foot waves that "discolored the water" according to MSNBC.It again shows that those that think they know about the Earth and climate are wrong and report only to create panic or a "good story, or in the case of politicians, to gain power over those that panic.

Was watching Huckabee last evening and he had talked to Shimon Peres who said most Iranians do not support their President and that the solution to the Iranian problem is from within. I'm just wondering what would happen if we flooded the airways around Iran with this message: "Your government is in the process of acquiring nuclear weapons and your President has vowed to use them against Israel and the Western world. Should this happen, the free world would have no alternative but to destroy Iran and its capability to wage war. We have no intention of letting it go this far. You peace loving Iranians must take heed and prevent your government from pursuing such folly. Time is running out. Now is the time for action." Might be worth a try!

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