Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama: “never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity”

When I heard of Obama's invitation to the Republicans to meet under the lights of CSPAN to discuss the healthcare legislation, I smelled a rat. Checked in on Rush and Roger's Rules and found that I am not alone.

Excerpts from Roger's column: Kesler cites a story in The New York Times in which Republican Senator Mitch McConnell says terrific, let’s do, and let’s start “by shelving the current health spending bill.”

Whoa, hold on there pardner! When we say “bipartisan,” we don’t mean, you know, “bipartisan.” We mean that you can come over to our ranch and play with us for the afternoon. You just sidle up here and put your John Hancock on the dotted line and we’ll say that this piece of Democratic legislation is a bipartisan document. The American people will see how post-partisan we are because we’re going to televise your acquiescence in our bill and let you say that it’s yours, too. See how it works?

Read full article here.

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