Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Light - Friday 2/26/2010

A couple months ago I received a Facebook friend request from a childhood buddy who was part of a group that played basketball on a small court, my brother built for me, in back of our home in Bucyrus, Ohio. Bucyrus is a small town of about 13,000 people midway between Columbus to the south and Sandusky on Lake Erie to the north. It was a small industrialized community surrounded by fertile farmland and was a great place to grow up. Crime was low and parents were secure in letting their children roam in the woods, walk across town to the park and swimming pool or ride bikes to their favorite fishing holes outside of town. Except for the rationing required during WWII and local peace keeping, there was very little Government intrusion in our lives and we were free to live them as we wished (subject to parental approval). LOL.

My new Facebook friend made a trip back to Bucyrus recently to arrange for his upcoming book tour to promote "The Bucyrus That Was by Bill Elder". I'm looking forward to its release and am sure it will be a NYT best seller.

Watched two hours of the Obamacare summit yesterday and agree with The London Times article below.

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