Friday, February 5, 2010

Judge Mulls Sanctions Against Arizona Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Joe has been one of the most effective protectors of our southwestern borders by systematically taking drug dealers, gang members and illegals off the streets of Arizona and shipping them back to Mexico. The liberal powers that be have put every obstacle they can think of in his path, but he has persisted by using State laws where Federal laws and support have been taken away. This is just another attempt at trying to make Sheriff Joe irrelevant.

Excerpt: After the racial profiling allegations were raised in the lawsuit, Kozinets said the sheriff's office destroyed "stat sheets." Those are documents that officers completed during the sweeps to record the number of contacts with the public, criminal arrests and civil citations, and provide a short narrative section where officers can briefly summarize arrests or other incidents.

Manuel Joseph Madrid, a supervisor of the sheriff's human smuggling squad that led the sweeps, said in a deposition that he threw away and shredded stat sheets after he tabulated totals and that he was never told to preserve them.

Judge Mulls Sanctions Against Arizona Sheriff’s Office

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