Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beneficiaries of the Global Warming Conspiracy

The global warming scam is not just a plot by the U.S administration to pass the Cap & Tax bill to gain control of another major part of our economy. No, it is a plot worldwide to redistribute wealth, some, of course, to poorer countries to make it look good, but mostly to private and corporate interests such as GE and Al Gore. George Soros, a major confidant of Obama's, is also invested heavily in green technology and would most likely be a major beneficiary of Cap & Tax Energy Credits.

This is an excerpt of an article, Warming Hype Is Losing Heat To Cold Facts in the Investors Business Daily.

Mounting evidence of scientific fraud might make little difference in terms of the response to man-made global warming hysteria. Why? Vested economic and political interests have emerged where trillions of dollars and social control are at stake. Therefore, many people who recognize the scientific fraud underlying global warming claims are likely to defend it anyway.

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