Friday, July 2, 2010

Obama administration could dump sick people out of ObamaCare high-risk pool

Hot Air has reported today that the Obama administration has now admitted that the $5 billion high risk insurance pool will run out prior to the 2014 date that insurance companies will be forced to insure the already sick. They concede that they may have to dump some of the sick out of the pool.

As everyone knew at the time, the costs were sorely underestimated, most likely on purpose in order to get the bill passed. Insurance is meant to cover the unexpected, not be a funnel for payments. We have to eat, lets get the government to force insurance companies to pay for the food. The whole concept of insurance is turned upside down by the ObamaCare bill and the companies will not be able to survive, just like the government's $5 billion pool will not unless more tax dollars are allocated.

The only way insurance companies will be able to continue in business is to drastically increase premiums on everyone. The Democrats know this and are willing to eliminate private sector insurers in order to have the government control of all health care. This has nothing to do will health care, but everything to do with centralized government. Say Socialism anyone?

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