Saturday, July 31, 2010

Obama's Mean Streak - Chicago Style

Bringing us all together? The American people expect civility in its elected leaders and Obama's pledge during his campaign to bring us together resonated with the voters. What has happened is a President that is more partisan and mean spirited than any President in modern history. Truth is not his strong point and "ambush" is his middle name. This American Thinker article lists some of his more public offenses.

Barack Obama seems to have a pattern of using ceremonial or stately events as opportunities to ambush and humiliate people. This behavior is unpresidential and reveals a vindictive streak that makes Richard Nixon look like Mister Rogers.

The body count of Obama's ambushes will grow in the years ahead. How does this help to bring about the civility that Obama preaches should be part of our civic discourse? Of course, it doesn't. Hypocrisy is Obama's trademark. His style of ambushing and humiliating people is a sign of something deeper and darker in Obama's psyche, in his emotional makeup. He is vindictive and enjoys the spectacle of belittling people in front of others and in front of cameras.

The milk of human kindness does not flow in this man's veins, but rather something bitterer -- a type of personal poison that he enjoys spraying on others.

This does not dignify the office or the man. But he doesn't seem to care, and the courtier press that covers him with glory doesn't, either.
Read Ed Lasky's American Thinker article "Obama's Mean Streak" here.

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