Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daily Light - Wednesday 7/7/2010 - Who Enforces the Law?

Was listening to FOX News this morning and heard a discussion about the Federal challenge to the Arizona Immigration law. One comment that disturbed me was that the immigration authorities, under the control of the President, has wide ranging authority on determining which laws to enforce.

My belief is, if a law is thought, by Congress, to be important enough to enact, then it is important enough to enforce.

A much more important point is that the Constitution separates powers among the Congress, Executive and Judicial branches. Congress is charged with making the laws and funding them, the Executive branch is charged with their enforcement.

If the Executive branch can determine which laws to enforce, isn't that the same as changing the intent of Congress? Isn't the Executive branch in "contempt of Congress" by not enforcing the Immigration laws?

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