Monday, July 12, 2010

Hezbollah terrorists are plotting right on the U.S. border

It is ridiculous for the Democrats to say our borders are secure when millions of Mexicans travel across them illegally each year. Our border patrol has statistics that show they have captured over 500 Arabs crossing the Southern border with Mexico. Who knows how many were not caught?

Now information is coming from Tijuana, Mexico, just across the border, that Hezbollah is there plotting, with the drug cartels, against the US. There is indication that much of this is being funded by Iran and Sean Penn's buddy, Hugo Chavez in Argentina.

I guess the era of peace in the Western Hemisphere is about to come to a close, if we do nothing to combat terrorism on our own borders. It is time for the Obama administration to wake up and see who the real enemy is. It is not the good folks in Arizona.

Read the NY Daily News article "Close to home: Hezbollah terrorists are plotting right on the U.S. border" here.

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  1. A witness stepped forward and says Obama was CONCEIVED in the U.S. - SHOCKING details are at:

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