Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top ten reasons Obama’s poll numbers are low

Article: In case you haven’t heard, President Barack Obama’s poll numbers are down. Way down. For example, 54% of the country thinks he’s doing a lousy job on the economy.

This has left the leftist media scrambling. Why are the President’s numbers so low when they’ve done all the could to get him elected and prop him up?

Fortunately, speculation is one thing the mainstream media is good at. Obama’s poll numbers are down because Americans are spoiled little brats. Or, because he hasn’t blamed Bush enough.

But there have to be other reasons. Which leads directly to our top ten reasons why Obama’s poll numbers are in the basement:

10. Hillary Clinton badmouths Obama at UN every chance she gets.
9. Hollywood celebs refuse to take pollsters’ calls.
8. Bush, Trilateral Commission, and Skull & Bones continue to rig votes at Gallop.
7. One word: white people are Racist with a capital R.
6. Obama’s hypnotic stare now known as just the way he looks when he reads the teleprompter.
5. Did we mention, “RACISM.”
4. Recovery Summer postponed due to oily beaches.
3. Lady Gaga’s failure to appear at White House office party has supporters miffed.
2. Years of poor public education resulted in miseducation. Wait a minute. Scratch that. Teachers unions are on Obama’s side.
1. Near monopoly of pro-Obama media is not total monopoly.

Written by Sven Waring at

Top ten reasons Obama’s poll numbers are low

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