Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Magical Thinkers in Washington - ObamaCare

M.D. Deane Waldman's article in The American Thinker runs down some of the provisions of ObamaCare and likens them to the belief that one can fly if only one dons a cape. Liberals say it is so, so it must be so. Interesting article! Excerpt: HR 3590 must have been magical thinking by the Democrats and the White House. How else can they call themselves representatives of the American people while passing a bill that more than 50% of the population opposed, and without a single Republican vote in either House? The only explanation, other than magical thinking, would be hubris raised to Olympic levels, and we can't have that!

Magical thinking by children can harm them. Magical thinking by Washington can kill us. Those with power in Washington are not children, but they think like children -- magically -- and ignore mountains of evidence.

We tolerate magical thinking by children; that is part of childhood. Why do we tolerate such behavior in our "representatives" in Washington and the White House?
Read article here.

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