Sunday, July 11, 2010

GOP: Dems wrongly linking carbon caps, oil reliance after spill

This article in The Hill, "GOP: Dems wrongly linking carbon caps, oil reliance after spill", shows the fallacy in claiming that the Kerry - Lieberman bill would restrict the demand for oil in the near future. The EPA itself has come out with a report that sees very little reduction in demand for oil until 2050, so Obama's claims are refuted by his own agency.

The bill mostly addresses electricity generation, and any carbon allocation system would increase power bills to consumers, you and me, significantly.

The proponents of this bill use the old claim that we cannot afford to buy oil from foreign countries. This is bogus since the biggest reason we are reliant on foreign sources is that environmentalists and Democrats have prevented us from becoming somewhat self sufficient by blocking all attempts to develop our oil fields, oil shale and nuclear energy.

All these bills are, are an excuse to raise more taxes to pay for their vote buying, wealth redistribution projects.

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