Monday, July 12, 2010

More Unintended Consequences? Texas Doctors Scaling Back On Medicaid

More indication that the Democrats have no clue as to what runs the American economy or what "unintended consequences" their wacky bill will have in reality. By forcing millions onto the Medicaid rolls and not funding the States, the Federal government is forcing the states to make some tough choices. With the economy in the tubes and states already showing deficits, that they are required by law to cover, an item, Medicaid, that takes up 75% of the Texas budget, is one of the few places they can cut. Doctor reimbursement rates are in danger, and since Medicaid business is the least profitable for doctors, when it comes time for them to cut back, guess who will suffer. That's right, the poor, the ones Obama and his lackeys in Washington claim to want to help.

The whole ObamaCare bill is a fraud and designed only to consolidate more power in Washington.

Read "Doctors Threaten to Pull Out of Texas Medicaid" here.

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