Friday, July 2, 2010

Daily Light - 7/2/2010 Obama's Steamroller

Was watching O'Reilly, Hannity, etc. today and started to get bored with the repetition and the lack of an all inclusive view of what Obama is doing. It seems that they are being led by Obama, the pied piper, to the news "du jour". The only one putting the pieces together is Beck. I guess that is why his star is rising.

I had a post on the 26th of June, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Obama's agenda: Overwhelm the system that puts some of Obama's actions in focus. He is not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing, and if someone gets in the way, he changes direction only to come back at a later date. The system is being overwhelmed with debt, with government growth, seizures, regulations and taxes, and he is consolidating and expanding his base, the unions (payoffs), Hispanics (promises of immigration reform) , blacks and even pushing for Puerto Rican statehood.

In case you do not realize it now, our country and our freedom, as we know it, is in deep trouble. This year's election may be the last chance to stop the liberal/progressive steamroller from rewriting the Constitution and destroying our liberties.


  1. While I have never been one to believe in an entitlement nation, all one has to do is look to Greece for the answer to that Question.

    However there are 35 million poeple such as myself who have a family to support and lost jobs through no fault of their own and are now on the brink of losing everything because their unemployment extension is dead and they still can't find work.
    I have put out over 2000 resumes in the last 1 year and 7 months since I lost my job.
    Congress still continues to print money that we have nothing backing it and tells Americans to suck it up.
    We screwed you out of jobs but you are supposed to suck it up.
    The Republicans shook the hands of the Democrats in raising their income in both the Senate and the House, they shook their hands in the wall street and bank bailout even though 35 million people are still out of work and the billions just went to bonuses like everyone said it would.

  2. I agree with much of what you said and identify with you in that many years ago I was "looking" for about a year while trying to take care of 3 young children. I was lucky enough to find some part time consulting work to tide me over until I found a job.

    The Dems have tacked significant funds for union bailouts to this extension bill and refuse to use their stimulus "slush fund" to cover these costs. In other words more deficit spending. The Republicans offered to split the difference, but what did the Dems do? They refused and went on "holiday".

    I believe that this is an especially trying time in our nation and that those, like yourself who are looking for a job, deserve the extension.

    What we need, are more representatives in Washington, who value the Capitalist system, who stop needless spending, and who will get out of the way of real non-governmental job creation.