Saturday, July 3, 2010

What A Shock-a-roo, Obama's Home State, Illinois In Crisis

An article in the NYT yesterday pointed out that the State of Illinois is no longer paying many of its bills and highlighted many of the reasons why. The author of the piece appears to be very compassionate about the plight of the state workers and contractors, but little compassion for the state's taxpayers. I guess you can say it was the taxpayers whose elected officials approved the lavish union benefits, floated bond issues to pay for current expenses, bloated the government payrolls and misappropriated funds for many years to finally get to the point of near bankruptcy. Now Illinois ranks right up there with California and New York in the race to see who can stick it to the "little guy" the fastest. After all, its the "little guy" that is productive and provides all the goodies to the government. Government produces NOTHING!

One of Obama's first elective stints was in the Illinois legislature. I guess that is where he learned his flare for deficit spending. Maybe we should pick our next President from one of the fiscally responsible states. Do you know anyone from Montana or North Dakota that would like to run?

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