Monday, March 8, 2010

Public Sector Unions Tarnish the Golden State

You would think that the honest hard working intelligent teachers who see what has happened to the steel, shoe, textile, and automobile industries and the recent flight of Boeing from the unions in Washington state, would take back the union and negotiate to stop what is inevitable, the bankruptcy of the state and loss of their jobs and pensions. The taxpayers of the state can no longer afford, and never could afford the health benefits, pensions (i.e. unfunded pensions) and early retirements that many teachers and other government employees enjoy. It is time to bring their health benefits, hours and retirement back in line with those paying their salaries.

Excerpt: According to Certification Map (a site devoted to explaining the teacher certification process across the country), a California teacher’s salary is 145% that of an average worker in the state (who works 12 months per year!). What’s more, California teachers are the most highly paid in the entire nation, even as the state teeters on the brink of fiscal collapse. And yet, the prospect of any cuts to state government spending elicits nothing but a storm of protest. Read article here.

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