Thursday, March 18, 2010

Specter Opens Door on White House Felonies

Do we have an ObamaGate here?

In the circumstances at hand, any future Congressional investigator or prosecutor will be using this reputation just as it was used to ruin Haldeman and Regan. And no one anywhere can miss the legion of political commentators predicting the health care issue will result in Republicans regaining control of the Senate, the House -- or both. Either one of which, if it happens, will instantly put the investigating machinery of Congress in the hands of Republicans -- like Darrell Issa..

There can be no other reason for Gibbs to be fending off Jake Tapper or Major Garrett, for Robert Bauer and Gibbs both to ignore Congressman Issa, or for Andrew Romanoff to stonewall Denver's Peter Boyles -- the list is growing - than one.

That one reason?

At a minimum someone inside the Obama White House has screwed up and embarrassed the president.

Or, that somebody or more than one somebody -- a somebody or somebodies of note -- has or have in fact committed a federal crime in the President's name.
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