Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Other Side of the Story - The Way Out Left - Frank Rich

I am sure by reading this you will be saddened about finding out that you are a racist, homophobic sexist against Obama, Frank and Pelosi. After reading this article, I am actually worried about the sanity of these progressives. Frothing, copper-faced, apoplectic, filibustering? A bit over the top?

THERE were times when last Sunday’s great G.O.P. health care implosion threatened to bring the thrill back to reality television. On ABC’s “This Week,” a frothing and filibustering Karl Rove all but lost it in a debate with the Obama strategist David Plouffe. A few hours later, the perennially copper-faced Republican leader John Boehner revved up his “Hell no, you can’t!” incantation in the House chamber — instant fodder for a new viral video remixing his rap with’s “Yes, we can!” classic from the campaign. Boehner, having previously likened the health care bill to Armageddon, was now so apoplectic you had to wonder if he had just discovered one of its more obscure revenue-generating provisions, a tax on indoor tanning salons. And on, and on, and on! Read full NYT Frank Rich opinion piece here.

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