Thursday, March 25, 2010

The ObamaCare 'Acceptance' Strategy

What will we be seeing from the Democrats in the following months regarding Obamacare? This article expects us to hear a lot of propaganda and misinformation intended to put us asleep and convince us that nothing can be done to stop it. Read the article and be alert. We must stay awake until this travesty is stopped.

The Democrat/progressive spin machine is going to mount a massive disinformation campaign with assistance from their surrogates in the MSM, unions, and "community groups" designed to change the subject. They are counting on getting you cooled down about the unconstitutional takeover of the health care system and usurpation of your personal freedom and individual liberty. And they will constantly hammer that this takeover is "the law of the land" that will "never be repealed" and must be accepted as a fait accompli. Anyone who disagrees with them will be portrayed as "dangerously angry" and a potential threat for "violence" in order to paint dissenters as "extremists".

Here are the DNC main talking points (all false, of course):

* It is not government-run health care because it's not a single-payer system, nor is there a government option insurance; it's "private" insurance of your choice.
* This bill is "no big deal," and it's "very moderate and watered-down."
* This is a "giveaway to insurance companies" because of the $2.5 trillion in government medical welfare subsides to purchase "private" insurance.

While all of these statements may have a small grain of truth or are technically correct in a very narrow sense, they are in no way accurate descriptions of how this government health care takeover works.

ObamaCare amounts to a de facto federal takeover of the entire medical and health insurance system through regulation, forced participation, and financial control over individual citizens and the major health care interests. At best, the ObamaCare structure will function as a shadow single-payer system. In the worst case, the massive amount of government control can be unleashed at any time to destroy the entire health care system in this country in a few short years.
Read full American Thinker article here.

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