Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GOOOH - Get Out of Our House

For those of you who want to fire them all, this appears to be the organization for you. My concern is the same with the Tea Party, if they split and form a new party, they could split the conservative vote and guarantee a Liberal Democrat win.

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  1. Can someone help this process , my thought this year withdraw from concent like Kurt says and then make GOOOH work, this year it will not so, WHY NOT..........This is Kurt........
    Hey Cindy,

    Remember, the UNITED STATES (est 1871) is not a "country" but a business, and it is very good for their private "business" to have EVERYBODY counted as a U.S."citizen." That includes all illegals. Besides, a U.S. "citizen" is nothing more than a corporate "asset" to a private company named THE UNITED STATES. Sadly, the census is "Constitutionally" meaningless since there has been no representation in Washington DC since Abraham Lincoln issued Executive Order #1 on April 15,1861 - creating a military dictatorship .

    KK walkthetalk.us@gmail.com
    Cindy Mulvey