Friday, March 12, 2010

Hero Huckabee latest On-Line Tax Revolt March Leader

Have you joined the march on Washington? Pick an Avitar here and march with us.

"We all have something in common," said Ken Hoagland, On-Line March leader and chairman. "We all know that we cannot control our federal government, as was always intended by the Founding Fathers, until we control our corrupted tax system." Hoagland said that Flat Taxers, FairTaxers, Reagan tax cutters and nearly every American understand that the broken federal tax system has fueled the unrestrained growth of the federal government to the point that it has destroyed an important check and balance on federal power—the Founder’s designed equality of state governments."

The on-line march is rapidly picking up steam and will merge April 15th with physical rallies planned in the nation’s capitol. "This is how every American can become a part of taking our government and nation back before it is too late," said Hoagland.
Read and join here.

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