Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obamacare Would Prompt Devastating Medicare Cuts

Being on Medicare, this article was a little scary until I read further and realized that it would take courage by the Democrat Congress to let these cuts go through. This is the same problem with the CBO scoring, they have to assume (ass-u-me) that the courage is there and the savings will be realized. Fat chance!

Either the Medicare cuts will take effect or they will be postponed by a terrified Congress.

If they take effect, physicians' fees will be slashed 21 percent and hospital reimbursements for Medicare patients will be cut by $1.3 billion. Tens of thousands of doctors and thousands of healthcare institutions — hospitals, hospices, outpatient clinics and such — will refuse to treat Medicare patients.

Entire cities could be without one doctor in important specialties who will take care of the elderly on Medicare. Particularly in fields like arthritic and joint pain, doctors will simply refuse to accept the low reimbursement rates they are being offered and hospitals will refuse all but emergency care to Medicare patients.

In effect, the elderly could experience a doctors' strike against Medicare patients.
Read Dick Morris article here.

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