Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unions want Washington's help with pension funds

Unions, that have destroyed every US business that they have forced themselves into, are now wanting the taxpayers and nonunion businesses to bail out their pension funds. Why, because of their under-performing investments. Who is going to bail out the small businessman whose investments have tanked and is ready to retire. Who is bailing out the retiree who is living on half of what he once had. Where is the COLA that Social Security recipients should get after paying into a non-existent fund for retirement. Let's tell the crooked unions to go live on what they have, which is much more than the average worker gets. Most of the SEIU workers work for us taxpayers anyway.

Nonunion workers and private companies could be forced into absorbing the financial liabilities of underfunded union pension plans, thanks to pending health care mandates and an executive order that could be finalized this year, policy analysts and trade group representatives have concluded.

Even as unions continue to market themselves to new members on the basis of generous pension programs, government figures show these plans are performing poorly in comparison with retirement packages that operate beyond the orbit of organized labor.

Read Washington Times article here.

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