Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas board endorses conservative-backed curriculum

The Texas State Board of Education has taken a baby step forward in taking back our education system from the progressives and USA haters by including conservative values in textbooks due to come out in 2011. Due to the size of Texas, textbook publishers rely heavily on them to establish criteria for the entire United States. This is a start and must be followed state by state for teaching material at all education levels. Tenure for all teachers and college level professors who continually teach only one point of view (indoctrination) must be challenged and, where possible, forced to present their subjects in a fair and balanced way.

AUSTIN — The State Board of Education tentatively approved new standards for social studies Friday with members divided along party lines — some blasting them as a fraud and conservative whitewash, others praising them as a tribute to the Founding Fathers that rightly portrays America as an exceptional country.
The standards, which will influence history and government textbooks arriving in public schools in fall 2011, were adopted by 10 Republicans against five Democrats after weeks of debate and across a racial and ideological chasm that seemed to grow wider as the proposal was finalized Thursday.
New standards in history class

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  1. I totally support that! Continue that way!