Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama Support of Palestinians at Expense of Israel Making Peace Impossible

Excerpt: "Oh, he said that everything is on the table," she reassured me. "Everything." It turns out, two years later, that "everything" includes Jerusalem itself. The Obama administration, breaking its own word and that of previous administrations, wants the Israeli capital on the block.

The consequences go far beyond a few neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. In the eyes of the Palestinians and the Muslim world, Israel is being asked to give up its claims in the Old City as well. Immediately after the Obama administration demanded that Israel stopped building homes in Jewish neighborhoods, Palestinian rioters took to the streets to protest the opening of a restored synagogue in the ancient Jewish Quarter.

Effectively, the Obama administration has made progress towards a two-state solution difficult, if not impossible. Before, the minimum the Palestinians were willing to accept exceeded the maximum the Israelis were prepared to give. Now, the Palestinian minimum has been raised even further.

Read End of the Road here.

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