Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mark Hemingway: Stuffing union coffers with taxpayer cash

More and more taxpayer's money is going into union coffers to do who knows what. The Democrats are buying votes and are brazen about it. Government contracts are going to union companies even though the bid costs are significantly higher than those of non-union bids, again costing the taxpayer billions of dollars. Unions that have contributed significantly to the destruction of our manufacturing base are now working on our service companies and your government. Is this Constitutional? Probably not but will the SCOTUS stand up for its citizens?

Obama's $859 billion economic stimulus package last year included Davis-Bacon "prevailing wage" provisions, which mandates more governjavascript:void(0)ment contracts going to unionized companies despite their submitting more costly bids than nonunion companies. Heritage Foundation scholar James Sherk estimates this provision alone cost taxpayers $17 billion.

Right now, Obama's White House Middle-Class Task Force is considering adopting "High Road" contracting policies that favor companies paying wages and benefits even beyond union scale. This move would radically remake the $500 billion annual federal contracting market and dwarf the costs incurred by Davis-Bacon.

With all these billions at stake, you might wonder why two powerful unions such as the UAW and AFSCME would bother force unionizing day care workers for an extra $3.7 million. The simple answer might be that unions have become so powerful and greedy under Obama that they did it simply because they could.
Read the Washington Examiner article here.

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