Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Coming Consequences of Obamacare

Disappointed, yes, but we must pick ourselves up and take back our government from the liberal/progressives that are scoffing at our Constitution and destroying our freedom and our children's future. This article states that well qualified citizens are coming forward and will give conservatives the impetus to take back the House in November and names a number of these candidates.

"When we started out recruiting, right after the Obama win, the president had an approval rating of about 72 percent and we had just gotten through losing about 50 seats in the last two cycles," says Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, who is playing a key role the GOP effort. "It wasn't easy to recruit anybody." Then came Democratic overreach -- stimulus, cap and trade, health care. After that came GOP victories in the Virginia and New Jersey governors' races. And then came Scott Brown's Senate win in Massachusetts. A trickle of good candidates turned into a flood.

The new candidates deeply believe the Obama administration has put the country on the wrong track. They sense weakness in Democrats who had to be strong-armed into voting for Obamacare. They feel the support of growing numbers of voters in their districts. They're running hard, and they're most likely going to leave a bunch of Democrats without jobs. Obamacare will have consequences.
Read Byron York article here.

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