Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is the AFL-CIO Getting Federal Dollars to Support Health Care Deform?

Nothing here surprises me with all the corruption in our government. I guess I have the same question the writer has: Why is the ACILS (AFL-CIO) getting $28 million of taxpayers dollars?

Tom Buffenbarger, the Machinists’ union leader, is flat out at war over this provision and lots of union leaders are wondering why the heck the AFL-CIO decided to line up behind legislation that taxes union workers.

Here is the ACILS’s 2009 annual report.

If you look on page 29, you will find that Congress funneled $28,475,408.00 to the AFL-CIO through the ACILS for the year in 2008. And I suspect if you dig around you are going to find that the AFL-CIO now stands to get more money.

In other words, the AFL-CIO’s leadership is getting federal money in exchange for supporting a health care proposal that will screw its workers.
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