Friday, March 5, 2010

Daily Light - Friday 3/5/2010

One more day until I walk down the aisle with my youngest daughter Kimberly. There will be tears in my eyes but happiness also that I will be handing her off to a very good man who will accompany her through life.

Today the guys will be on a road trip to the new Yankee Stadium for a tour and then, after a few beers, back to NJ for the rehearsal and dinner where I will meet the grooms parents for the first time. My daughter has told me how wonderful they have been to her and, I only hope, I can stand up to the high standard they have set.

While in NJ have been enjoying our stay with my oldest daughter, Kirsten, and granddaughter and attended a birthday party for my wife's grandson with her daughter, Dolly, and granddaughter.

Busy as we have been, my postings here have been a little scarce, but will correct that after the wedding tomorrow.

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