Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NASA Mission - Better Relations With The Muslim World?

The Al Jazeera interview below, of the NASA Administrator, a former Marine and astronaut, shows that NASA is in good hands. The interview puts the blame for the cancellation of the Constellation program, proposed by President Bush, on the lack of funding by the Democrat Congress. 

What is strange is the charge Obama gave Bolden to better relations with the Muslim world and the emphasis on education, without any mention of our direction in space. In listening to Bolden, I believe he has a direction, and doesn't appear too concerned about the possibility of NASA conceding leadership in space to other countries. However, it appears it again is all about money. Congress appropriated almost a trillion dollars in the stimulus package that accomplished little. You would think that our space program that has sprouted many scientific breakthroughs and contributed much to the defensive capability of this country, would receive the funding it requested to further our leadership in space.

Getting back to Obama; his fixation on the Muslim world is a detriment to our country's advancement. Why would anyone want the NASA Chief to be distracted for one second in a quest for better relations with Muslims?

NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World

Talk to Al Jazeera - NASA Chief Charles Bolden

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