Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cool Down At G20 Meeting - Demise Of Global Warming Myth

Prominent government leaders in Australia, Spain, France, Italy, and the U.K, who were global warming advocates, lost their jobs just prior to the G8 and G20 summit in Toronto last month. Hearing this news, those remaining delegates took heed and backed away from their climate control activism.

This article in the Examiner, "World’s leaders accept the demise of the global warming Agenda", follows the progression of leaders being voted out of office and points out that the U.S. government is ignoring the trend. World leaders at the conference were astonished at Obama's speech. If climate legislation cannot be passed, Obama is willing to go forward with the E.P.A. to control carbon output.

Congress can stop Cap & Tax legislation and can also cut funding for the E.P.A.. Let's get new conservative faces in Washington to stop this idiocy.

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