Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mexican Border Children Being Bused To US Schools - A Free Education

I've put an "immigration"tag on this blog item, but this is not even an immigration issue. Evidently, we are educating over 500 Mexican school children that cross the border each day and are bused to school in Columbus, New Mexico. And this is not the only school district where this is happening. Other schools in NM and Arizona are also participating. Evidently, the more "English, as a second language" students the schools have, the more money they get from the Federal Government.

According to the Judicial Watch article " Public Fund Siphoning" over $537 million of our stimulus money has gone to New Mexico to retain teachers. meals and additional instruction. Maybe you would have better use for this deficit spending that your grandkids will be paying for, for most of their lives.

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