Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things the U.S. government could do without - Roger's Rules

The two National Endowments, Dept. of Education and the Dept. of Housing are mentioned in this article but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The last sentence in the article asks for help in finding superfluous expenditures in the federal budget. This would be a great project for us all. Now, if we only had a budget to peruse. Oh, here it is.

I quickly glanced at the budget summary and came up with an additional $1.4 billion by eliminating the Corporation for National and Community Service, where Americorps, Learn and Serve America, Senior Corps and the Social Innovation Fund are housed.

Don’t worry: I do not propose to give you a complete list. Otherwise we’d be here all day. But really, if government spending is a problem (and it is), why not shut down some agencies that spend money needlessly? A friend suggested we start with the two National Endowments, the one for the Arts (so-called) and the one for the Humanities. An excellent idea, and one which I would heartily support.

Well, it’s well before lunch time on a Tuesday morning and I have just saved you a few hundred billion dollars. I know, I know: it’s chump change for this profligate administration, but you have to start somewhere. I hope some enterprising souls will lend a hand and help me scrutinize other parts of the federal budget for superfluous expenditures, redistributionist follies, and other example of practical socialism.
Things the U.S. government could do without

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