Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Lose an Election - Conservatives Sound The Alarm

This American Thinker article by Paul Shlichta is a blueprint for the conservative approach for the coming elections. Make no mistake, the Democrats have a plethora of dirty tricks up their sleeves and Conservatives must be proactive and not let them dictate the agenda. Read the entire article and then "walk the walk".

I always admired Thomas E. Dewey for publicly admitting that he had managed to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" in the 1948 election [1]. Let us hope that we don't have to make the same confession this November.

This year, the omens are favorable, with voters and donations seeming to shift toward the Republicans. However, just in case the conservative-Tea Party-Republican majority of America wants two more years of Democratic domination, here is a well-proven formula for losing an election -- one that we seem to be following at the moment:

1. Divide and be conquered.
2. Let your opponent set the agenda.
3. Ignore your opponent's dirty tricks.
4. Don't bother to get out the vote.
5. After the election, overestimate your victory.

Read the detailed discussion of what is coming from the Democrats and what can be done to prevent a liberal comeback, here.

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