Sunday, September 19, 2010

Republicans Move to the Right - Tea Party is Catalyst

I read an article, "No More Leaven of Compromise" in the SF Examiner, written before the Republican primary win by Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, making the case for moving the party to a more conservative, right of center, ideology.

It has always been assumed and stated by the Republican establishment in Washington, that, for the Republican party to survive, it must move toward the center, and when necessary cross the aisle to gain the respect and cooperation of the Democrat liberals.

My two basic observations about this are: (1) no longer are there Democrat statesmen who would consider working with Republicans on any legislation that furthers a conservative cause, and (2) the majority of Republicans in Washington do not want to relinquish power. True conservatives do not believe in a central government that controls every aspect of our lives. If conservatives gain control, much of this power will be transferred from Washington to the States and the people.

Many Independents have been confused because, in many respects, especially in fiscal matters, both parties have looked a lot alike, and, I believe, the tipping point has been the abortion issue. Setting this issue aside, it is my opinion that the majority of Independents have more in common with true conservatism than with the far left beliefs of the current Democrat party. The Tea Party has awakened these Independents and is supporting Republican candidates that honor our Constitution.

Now may be the last chance for conservatives to make a difference and test the electorate to see if it understands the difference between the socialist society that the progressive/liberal Democrats so zealously promote,and individual freedom espoused in the Constitution and, hopefully pursued by the "new" Republicans in Congress.

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