Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Crash, Obama and the Disappearing Dem Majority

The mandate for the progressive movement that the Democrats claimed and are governing on, was, in reality just a revolt on the economy. This misinterpretation by the Democrats has led to irreversible harm to our economy and our freedoms. The Tea Party movement is not just a Republican or Conservative thing, it is an understanding by all knowledgeable citizens that the "change" Obama and the Democrats are so intent on enacting, is actually socialism and total control of our lives. We have been awakened and will reclaim our Republic in the elections to come.

Recall the Obama hyperbole of November 2008. Talk of an enduring progressive majority. New York Times' columnist Paul Krugman typified a corps of liberal analysts at the time. "We've had a major political realignment," Krugman wrote. "[The] presidential election was a clear referendum on political philosophies -- and the progressive philosophy won." Krugman won a Nobel Prize in economics that same year. Yet even he disregarded how the economy made Obama's mandate that day.

By March 2009, liberal analyst Ruy Teixeira wrote a report on the "New Progressive America." It dissected the presidential electorate. How white, brown, black and educated voted. Everyone but bicycling Norwegians. Yet, as I noted then, the nearly 50-page report ignored the economy's role. The lapse was, again, typical of the time and type.

We are now in another political time. The Democratic House could collapse in less than 50 days. Obama lost the majority long ago. And liberal analysts are running to economic explanations. Krugman has led the chorus. "It really is the economy, stupid," he wrote this summer.

It's an analysis that seeks to have it both ways. The economy is blamed in bad Democratic times. It's ignored in good. This cognitive dissonance deceived Democrats most. It brought hubris when they were on top. It now brings denial. If Obama first won his mandate on progressivism and now lost it with the economy, then the "professional left" does not have to consider where its ideas went wrong.

Democrats 2008 victory was credited to a great politician, a great campaign and a greatly changing nation. Yet it was the economy that made Obama's majority. Not necessarily his victory. But it's in majorities that presidents claim mandates.
The Crash, Obama and the Disappearing Dem Majority

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