Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Connecticut Home Invasion - The Death Penalty - No Cruel And Unusual Punishment Here!

It is hard for me to believe anyone would believe that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment in this case. But those liberals who allow millions of babies to be aborted will probably protest any call for the death penalty here.

Prosecutors say Komisarjevsky spotted Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters at a supermarket on July 22 and followed them home, then returned with Hayes early the next day to rob the family. Komisarjevsky is awaiting trial.

Hayes and Komisarjevsky, two paroled burglars, are accused of beating and tying up Dr. William Petit, taking his family hostage and forcing his wife to withdraw money from a bank.

Hayes, 47, is accused of sexually assaulting and strangling Hawke-Petit. Komisarjevsky, 30, is charged with sexually assaulting 11-year-old Michaela. The two allegedly tied Michaela and her 17-year-old sister, Hayley, to their beds, poured gasoline on and around them and set the house on fire, killing the girls, authorities say.

Dr. Petit managed to escape.

Hayes and Komisarjevsky fled the burning home in the family's car and were caught after ramming several police cruisers, authorities said.

Connecticut's medical examiner, Wayne Carver, testified Thursday that Hayley's injuries suggested she was burned as she tried to flee, despite being tied up.

Carver said Hayley was found lying facedown in a hallway but the front of her clothing was more severely burned than the back. Carver said Hayley had been tied up but somehow made it to the hallway and was exposed to the flames. She died from smoke inhalation, he said.

Carver testified Wednesday that Michaela died from breathing smoke and likely had a painful, panic-stricken death.

Hawke-Petit was strangled before the fire, Dr. Susan Williams, associate medical examiner testified. She said victims of strangulation typically become unconscious after 8 to 15 seconds.

A juror wept after looking at autopsy photos of Hawke-Petit.

Cop: Home invasion suspects texted hours before

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