Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GROVER NORQUIST: Keep It Real, Conservatives

In the article, Norquist settles on the deficit and spending as the winning issue for the Republicans in November. I think he misses the mood of the electorate by restricting his focus on just this one concern. The old saying "it's the economy, stupid" still is in effect. The economy, jobs and loss of our Constitutional freedoms should be added to the list. If we stick to giving the electorate answers to these concerns, then the Republicans will be swept to victory in November.

Between now and the November 2 election there are several dangers that stand between conservatives and the overwhelming victory that present polls predict.

The first threat flows from complacency, hubris, laziness, a sense that victory is already ours. The polling data tell us that Americans want to vote for Republican more than Democrats, against those who voted for Obamacare and for those who oppose higher taxes. Of course, this assumes that “present trends continue.” If we work hard, harder and hardest then today’s cheerful polling data can be the harbinger of victory when real votes by real people are counted on November 2.

The second threat is that of distraction by “shiny things.” Many issues pop up and politicians and talk show hosts are intrigued and tempted to spend precious minutes talking about new and exciting issues rather than focus on the spending that threatens our future.

GROVER NORQUIST: Keep It Real, Conservatives

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