Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea Party: Is this the start of the 2nd American Revolution?

The Brits have a unique view of the American scene and see, in the Tea Party, a major change in the political climate here in the US. On FOX News today, Rasmussen reported that he believes the Tea Party will be strong enough to elect the President in 2012.

Getting back to this article, the writer believes that the Tea Party could not take hold in Britain. Look again, in the news today, the Tea Party is taking hold in Australia.

People around the free world are fed up with governments usurping individual freedoms and sapping the strength out of our economies through taxation and redistribution to the "less fortunate", mainly non-productive (read"lazy")citizens and illegals. It is time to return to the values of our forefathers and the Tea Party appears to be the vehicle to get us there.

They want to purify their party and their country, returning America to the honest, founding traditions of thrift, small government and self-reliance from which, they say, it has strayed.

And, like the protesters from whom they take their name (the Bostonians who demonstrated against British taxation by dumping tea into the city’s harbour in 1773), the Tea Party rebels are - by their own account - as ‘mad as hell’.

But whether they are a bunch of dotty extremists or not, the Tea Party phenomenon suddenly poses a serious threat.

While Right-wing resentment of the Obama administration has been simmering since he was elected, his government’s $700 billion bank bailout, an even bigger recovery package and his healthcare reforms have proved tipping points for Tea Partiers.

A deep sense of alarm over America’s apparently declining world status can also be stirred into the pot of grievances.

A Tea Party rally in Washington last weekend was typical of thousands across the country — lots of flag waving (particularly of the Tea Party banner, emblazoned with the words Don’t Tread On Me) and signs demanding lower taxes and government spending.

‘I may be a redneck but I know how to balance a checkbook (sic),’ read one of the messages.

Read UK Mail article here.

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