Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Union Power and the Christie Effect

This WSJ article highlights a number of liberal Democrats who are actively campaigning about the unsustainable costs of employee union contracts. That is a good sign, but it is hard to believe that Cuomo in NY and others will really vote to rein in public labor costs once they are elected. We know from Obama that liberals will say anything to get elected. Look at their record not their words.

Unions used their considerable clout in 2006 to help Democrats gain control of Congress and again in 2008 to elect President Obama. But the union movement, which spent 96% of its money supporting Democrats in 2008, is faltering this year in its efforts to help the party retain control of Congress and win key governors' races around the country.

Instead, organized labor— increasingly dominated by public-sector workers—is facing a backlash from taxpayers because of widespread publicity about the rich pay and benefits of some government employees. That's made Mr. Christie's blunt campaign talk about reining in government costs a popular approach among candidates. Even old friends of labor in the Democratic Party have made public workers a target, leaving labor with fewer allies and playing defense.
Read WSJ article"Union Power and the Christie Effect".

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