Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unsustainable Cow Manure - Green Energy Not So Green (But Expensive)

Paul Driessen's article sets forth the most detailed argument against wind and solar energy I have read. The environmental damage and harm done to wildlife by the solar and wind farms is far greater than oil, gas, coal and nuclear sites combined. Add to this the fact that they are part time energy generators, are unreliable, and have the "made in China" label on them, you can see the lack of benefit to the good old USA.

Release the governmental restrictions on exploration and development here at home and you will stop the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars to our "friends" the Arabs, help solve the balance of payments deficit and create thousands of jobs here at home.

It is time that the small number of "green" nuts, who, through the Democrat party, are dictating these stupid anti-American policies, be relegated to the scrap heap so we can get our economy moving again.

Seek a sustainable future! Wind, solar and biofuels will ensure an eco-friendly, climate-protecting, planet-saving, sustainable inheritance for our children. Or so we are told by activists and politicians intent on enacting new renewable energy standards, mandates and subsidies during a lame duck session.

It may be useful to address some basic issues, before going further down the road to Renewable Utopia.

First, when exactly is something not sustainable? When known deposits (proven reserves) may be depleted in ten years? 50? 100? What if looming depletion results from government policies that forbid access to lands that might contain new deposits – as with US onshore and offshore prospects for oil, gas, coal, uranium, rare earth minerals and other vital resources?

Unsustainable Cow Manure

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