Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's Political Mandate - Become America Again

Roger Ailes, President of FOX News, knows America well, and has proven that by creating the most successful cable news organization. He understands that the change we believe in is not socialism, but becoming American again.

Regarding our president, Ailes noted that he is “underexposed” and “overexposed”.

He’s “underexposed” in that when he ran he said his administration would be transparent, and it’s not.

At the same time, he’s overexposed. He’s on TV all the time. Yet, he’s not succeeded, in the words of Lincoln, in “molding public sentiment.”

Obama “must lead”, said Ailes, but that doesn’t mean telling the American people what to do and it doesn’t mean doing it in a back room.

According to Ailes, we are now in the most difficult “tipping point – decade – of our history.”

We have to get back, he says, “to understanding that we are Americans.” That the world looks to us to be financially strong and militarily strong.

Americans, according to Ailes, are simple – but not simpletons. We love our families, our flag, and don’t want our incomes taxed away.

Voters delivered the presidency and the congress to Democrats when Republicans lost public sentiment. But they have misinterpreted their mandate. They thought Americans were looking for a new country. No, we are looking to restore who we are.

“Multiculturalism, diversity – they are good,” says Ailes. “But they don’t trump the one word that should be taught in schools – unity……People came to this country from disparate countries and backgrounds to become Americans.” Read Star Parker article here.

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