Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't sleep longer – sleep smarter

I guess most of us have asked the question, "how much sleep do we need". This article basically says, "it depends".

In this article Dr Ramlakhan discusses Diet, Duration, Power Naps, Dreaming, Locations, and Exercise as it relates to the sleep you need.

Worried that you don't get the fabled eight hours? That's your first mistake, says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who thinks it's quality, rather than quantity, that counts. She shares her tips for a better night's rest with Rob Sharp.

"The biggest myths are that we need seven or eight hours a day, or that we shouldn't wake up in the night," continues Ramlakhan. "But waking early in the morning is perfectly normal. Students can still function well in an exam if they don't sleep the previous night. I sometimes professionally advise football players and I tell them not to worry about sleep before a big game. Even if they don't manage to sleep perfectly they will still perform well." So what's the key to an effective slumber? Ramlakhan explains the dos and don'ts of catching Z's.
Read "Don't sleep longer – sleep smarter" here.

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