Friday, June 4, 2010

North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon

No telling what those "kooks" in North Korea will do, and they don't really care if a million or so of their soldiers are killed. With the US participating in a joint military exercise with South Korea in the Yellow Sea off the North Korean coast, it doesn't look like tensions are going to ease anytime soon. North Korea, being a nuclear power, has the ability to make this a nasty situation. The saving grace is that they do know they can be "nuked" off the face of the earth in very short order.

This is the benefit of having a vastly superior deterrent force, one that, by the way, Obama is trying to eliminate.

GENEVA (Reuters) – A North Korean envoy said on Thursday that war could erupt at any time on the divided Korean peninsula because of tension with Seoul over the sinking of a South Korean warship in March.

"The present situation of the Korean peninsula is so grave that a war may break out any moment," Ri Jang Gon, North Korea's deputy ambassador in Geneva, told the United Nations-sponsored Conference on Disarmament.

North Korea's troops were on "full alert and readiness to promptly react to any retaliation," including the scenario of all-out war, he told the forum. North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon

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